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Katie, The Great Dane

taking care of our girl

Katie, The Great Dane

Week 2

October 9th, 2009 · 6 Comments · Uncategorized

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Monday of last week was when we found out Katie had osteosarcoma. This past Monday, before making any decisions about amputation, chemo, etc. we went and had Katie’s chest x-rayed to see if the cancer had spread,  since the chest is the first place it usually goes.

The news was what I had feared. The cancer has already spread into Katie’s chest. I could see the 2 seperate areas, one on each side.

We have decided to forgo amputation and chemo, given Katie’s age, the fact that the cancer has spread and it’s general aggressiveness. Our course of action will be to keep her on pain meds, so that she can be pain free as long as possible. We would rather have a few more good months with her, than put her thru surgery and such, only to maybe gain an extra month or two, part of which she would be healing and learning to walk again.

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  • jakesmom

    Oh sweetie… I’m so sorry to hear the news about Katie’s chest x-ray. I totally understand your decision not to go on with the surgery now.

    We also did a chest x-ray on Jake before deciding on his surgery. If his cancer had already spread, we would have just tried to make him comfortable and pain-free for as long as he had left.

    Enjoy every single minute, day, week, month you have left with Katie.

    You and Katie are in my thoughts…

    Jake’s Mom

  • horacia

    I’m so sorry… I was hoping your girl would somehow beat the odds.
    Treasure the time you have left.
    Cecilia & Spirit Hori

  • admin

    We know how difficult these decisions can be, and understand there are no wrong choices. Bless you for doing what you believe is best for your pack. Enjoy every moment you have together with Katie. But you may be surprised just how long you have.

    You might consider metronomic therapy and/or K9 Immunity. We started Jerry on both when we discovered his lung mets and he lived another eight months.

  • jakesmom

    I’ve been thinking about you and Katie… How are you doing?

    Jake’s Mom

  • buddy

    Haven’t kept up with this blog…life got in the way.

    Just thought I should close it out and let everyone know that I had Katie euthanized the last day of December.

    The tumor on her leg had gotten so big, she no longer used that leg…and towards the end it started dragging the ground from the weight of the tumor.

    She quit eating and drinking, and began to have a hard time breathing, so I knew it was time. She had a happy life, and died with dignity.

    The hardest part of it all is that this disease destroyed her body, but up until the end, everytime “daddy” walked into the room, she still wagged her tail and did this cute thing where she squinted her eyes at me and smiled.

    It was so hard making a decision when I knew her mind was still happy and alive, but her body had given out.

  • admin

    Thanks for the update, we are so sorry to hear about your loss. Sounds like Katie was a trooper until the very end. Bless you for releasing her from her broken body.

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